IP Management

The importance of Intellectual Property ( IP ) and its management in companies and other organizations is growing worldwide. The senior management of the company has the central role in the strategy and policy work, also in the IP strategy and policy. The goal is to get the best use of the IP and thus to improve the business and competitiveness of the company. The IP organization has the responsibility of the fulfilment of the IP strategy in the company, although the size and form of the IP organization may vary depending on the company and its size and field.

The IP organization includes specialists in technology, IPR agreements and other legal matters. It activates and coordinates the innovation work inside the company, evaluates the need of the resources and operates within its budget. The IP management has to follow the latest developments and competitors in the IP field. It has to defend actively the IP of the company. It is also in charge of education of IP matters in the company. It may also be a business unit in IP matters, in cooperation with other business units of the company. It is essential that networking, collaboration and reporting are normal and fair routines.

Kari Sipilä